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Although this restaurant is located in a paradisiac spot with a breathtaking view, at La Ola they do not sleep on that to have their guests to come back. They are determined to provide a unique gastronomical experience and make sure that all visitors leave with a pleasant memory. The hospitable team is trained to read minds 😉 and they will know exactly what you’re need when you arrive the restaurant.

Whether you want to “tapear”, have a frozen Bushwalker or a Piña Colada in good company, looking at the ocean, or you are looking to have a full meal with the family on a Sunday afternoon, La Ola is the way to go.

Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.”     

-Irish Proverb


What Inspired La Ola’s Menu?

Originally, the menu was inspired by the Spanish Cuisine’s concept for appetizers or snacks called “tapas”. In 2008, La Ola opened to their doors with the conceptual idea of a place to have a glass of wine and share a couple of small plates while enjoying the ocean view and the boat in an out of the Marina. Today, La Ola has become that place and more since as the place started to gain popularity they decided to expand menu entrees to variety of main entrees introducing fresh fried fish and lobster, when in season. That is to say that La Ola current menu has evolved to be a reflection of the beautiful mix that distinguishes Puerto Rican people and their culture. In other words, La Ola’s menu is a unique tasty blend of Spanish, African, Taíno, and American influences, using such ingredients and seasonings as, coriander, plantains, guava, passion fruit and native caught fish.

Signature Tapas and Dishes

One of the most popular dishes of the Puerto Rican cuisine is the “mofongo”, mashed green plantain usually stuffed with meat, chicken, or seafood. Although, it is not hard to find a good mofongo in the island, the mofongo at La Ola is too tasty not to try it, specially the one stuffed with shrimps or octopus and topped with our Salsa Criolla “La Ola”. Also, there is another popular dish between fish lovers and that is our fresh caught fried fish, which goes perfect with our tostones dipped in our original mojo. But if you are not a seafood person we have some really tasty options. One of them is our long marinated Tiritas de Churrasco, skirt steak strips, served in a bed of Majado de Malanga. Also, you cannot go wrong if you go for our Chicharrones de Pollo that goes well with our delicious Arroz Mamposteao’, rice and red kidney beans and a side of Tostones.

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You

We know your mouth got watered. So do not let anybody tell you about La Ola and come and try for yourself. We guarantee that you are going to have an unforgettable time at La Ola Tapas Bar and Restaurant in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

No reservation needed but if you want special seating just call us at (787) 556 5545

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